Bike repairs in Carcans Maubuisson

Bike repairs in Maubuisson

Your bike needs to be fixed? Guilhem is waiting for you at the workshop in Maubuisson.

The workshop is located in the pedestrian centre, same place as the rental shop.

Here, we can repair anything on your bike, as puncture, brakes dysfunction, etc... We are certified "Professional Workshop" and we offer competitive prices. We can also make a full revision of your bikes.

The Atlantic Bike Workshop is where you can also find a large choice of accessories : derailleur, brakes ; puncture kit, tools, etc...

Certified by "Velodysée", we welcome you seven days a week from 9am to 7pm to make your road trip easier!

Bike repair services

Flat tyre - 12€

Repair of your flat tyre, including inner tube.

Complete revision - 35€

Derailleur, brakes, inflating, greasing, cleaning.

Run-out - 9€ to 15€

Small run-out 9€.
Big run-out 15€.

Fixing your derailleur - 12€

Front or back derailleur.

Fixing your breaks - 15€

Front breaks or back breaks.

Changing your derailleur - 15€

Front or back derailleur (derailleur not included).

Direction to the Atlantic Bike workshop



Atlantic Bike Maubuisson
111 avenue de maubuisson
33121 Carcans Maubuisson



Opening hours

July August : 9am - 7pm
Low season : 9.30am - 6.30pm
Winter : open on demand