Your holidays in Carcans Maubuisson

Carcans Maubuisson Bike Path

From Carcans City to Carcans Beach, by the Pouch, Maubuisson and Bombannes, the town has one of the greatest bicycle path offer through the pine forest. It links all the tourist sites and also the villages around. From Lacanau To Hourtin, you can cycle and never see a car, around the lake, in the forest along the ocean. Many family and friends rides are possible to picnic areas and bathing spots.

The lake

Carcans Hourtin's lake is the biggest natural fresh water lake in France. It welcomes many national and international races and offers all around beautiful beaches. Maubuisson is the main spot of the summer life with its long sand beach on the lake, bounded by shops and walks. The station is labelled " KID ": children can safely swim, and one the beach has a disabled access (Bath seats Tiralo).

The Ocean

From Maubuisson, it is really easy to go to the ocean by the bike path. Carcans Ocean is a preserved place from the touristic affluence. Surfers from Bordeaux really enjoy to go there, since its less crowded than Lacanau Ocean and more intimate. There, you can find, rental surf shops, surf schools, beach shops, restaurants, and vacation stays in the middle of the forest. You will also find safe supervised bathing areas.

Its markets.

Come and meet the local traders, producers and artisans. All year round you can find a market on Friday mornings in Carcans City in front of the church, and Wednesday Mornings in Maubuisson (from June 20th to September 20th) and every monday mornings in Carcans Beach (July & August) The one in Montalivet is not to be missed, it's only 45 minutes' drive from Maubuisson.


Atlantic Bike Maubuisson
111 avenue de maubuisson
33121 Carcans Maubuisson



Opening hours

July August : 9am - 7pm
Low season : 9.30am - 6.30pm
Winter : open on demand